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Welcome To Death

Death is a Casual Guild, on Ash Realms. We value maturity above all else.

Code of Conduct

1- Maturity is a must. I don't mean you have to be a serious mo'fo all the time. I mean you must realize that at the end, this is a game.

2- Hacking and exploiting is out of the question. If you're banned for either, unless your appeal is approved, you will be removed from the guild.

3- As a member of Death, you project the image of the guild. So be sure to treat others with maturity and respect.

4- If you take something out of the guild bank, you're expected to return it, or something of equal value. The guild bank is NOT a charity, and people didn't spend time farming items for you to mooch them all. You will be demoted for excessive withdrawals, and the logs ARE monitored.

5- Remember, it's a game, so HAVE FUN.

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Death Knight
Blood (10)
Frost (10)
Unholy (10)
Balance (10)
Feral (10)
Restoration (10)
Beast Masters (10)
Marksmanship (10)
Survivalists (10)
Arcane (10)
Fire (10)
Frost (10)
Holy (10)
Protection (10)
Retribution (10)
Discipline (10)
Holy (10)
Shadow (10)
Assassination (10)
Combat (10)
Subtlety (10)
Elemental (10)
Enhancement (10)
Restoration (10)
Affliction (10)
Demonology (10)
Destruction (10)
Arms (10)
Fury (10)
Protection (10)
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